Fantastic opportunities with water

Water play can be used as a catalyst for learning lots of new skills. All children love playing with water and their play changes every time. This time some of our Pre-schoolers were problem solvers, scientists and mathematicians.

w2The boys in these photos were figuring out how to manipulate the water to get from one table to the other using the pump.  They spent a long time negotiating plans and cooperating with each other.

Water play promotes movements to strengthen large and small muscles as well as the skill needs to develop hand-eye coordination. Children develop their large motor muscles as they lift heavy buckets and stir concoctions; their fine motor skills as they squeeze the pump to manipulate the water; and their hand-eye coordination practises as children pour the water in to different containers.

Another great thing about water is that’s a free resource and easy for you to play with at home!w1

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