Playing with songs and rhymes

In Pre-school we have spent time on building children’s interest in song and rhyme and supporting the children to join in and develop some of their favourite rhymes. The children have enjoyed the hands-on experience and enjoyed exploring the resources on offer.

We introduced jelly on a plate to the children the explored the jelly freely using their senses to taste it, feel it, shake it etc.

Paula then began to scoop jelly onto a plate in front of her and held it up high wobbling it singing the rhyme. The children freely began to imitate her, joining in with actions or words to the rhyme. It was lovely to see children who usually show little interest in rhyme time thrive and have fun with rhymes.

Here’s a couple of other ideas you could try:

  • Watering can, a toy spider, and a small tube in the bath – incey wincey spider
  • Explore playdough with a star cutter – twinkle twinkle little star


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