Treasure Baskets

Treasure baskets provide a rich play experience for babies and young children as they are full of either natural objects or items made from natural materials. These items give a greater sensory feedback than plastic items and so are of more interest to the babies.


One of the amazing things about watching babies exploring the treasure basket is their high levels of concentration. Babies spend a long time mouthing and touching the objects that interest them and because the babies are “in charge” of their exploration they can gain feelings of independence, therefore supporting their self-esteem.

Treasure baskets help to develop hand-eye coordination and also promotes learning about shape, size and depth. Also, unusually, with treasure baskets the adults take a step back so that the babies take the lead. This means the babies play is uninterrupted by the adult and the role of the adult is to observe the babies interests. This is also something that can be enjoyed at home as it is easy to collect natural items for babies to enjoy and present them in a low level basket.

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