Music & movement

Think about how a good song lifts your mood. Your child is no different to you. Music and movement is an important part of children’s lives:  We sing lullabies to soothe children; sway them to sleep; and make them laugh with silly rhymes. Music makes children feel good.

Before working at The Quays, Janet, in the Toddler Room, has previously helped to lead a music group for toddlers and Pre-schoolers and, therefore, understands the benefits of music and movement for young children. Janet often initiates activities which involve instruments, nursery rhymes, dancing and lots and lots of noise.

music1Janet starts the session by ‘waking up’ the instruments by asking the children to play them loudly and then very quietly.

The children play through different songs and rhymes listening to instructions to play loudly then quietly; fast then slow, and playing the instruments in time to the beat.

music2Janet encourages as much movement as possible and children dance to songs such as The Grand Ol’ Duke of York holding the instruments high, low, left and right. The children enjoy playing with the instruments and making lots and lots of noise.

“These activities promote musical concepts in young children, introducing them to simple musical skills.”  Janet Dykes, Bluebell Room

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