Babies sensory and light exploration


Our babies had a great time today in the sensory and light room at the Sure Start Centre. Indy was looking at the lights projecting above in awe. Chloe shrieked in delight as she ran around exploring. Zoe really enjoyed looking at the illuminated water tank and kept her hand on it as she watched the bubbles moving in it. Thomas got ‘stuck in’ investigating the treasure baskets and wooden toys that could be spun around.

The sensory room fosters an atmosphere of relaxation. Relaxation is good for children’s emotional health; it gives them a chance to explore their feelings and to become interested in their environment. The calming environment is a place for us to bond further with babies, providing a restful and peaceful experience.

a1All young children can benefit from using a sensory room to develop sensory skills needed in later life. Some of the other benefits of a sensory room are that they support the development of communication, hand-eye coordination and cause and effect response.

They assist the development of social and emotional skills, increase relaxation, provide fun and enjoyment. They also improve levels of concentration, alertness, calmness and general awareness.
A great time was had by all… including Viki, Jo and our student Beth.
Written by Viki Sankey

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