Gong Xi Fa Cai (Congratulations and be Prosperous)

At The Quays Day nursery we celebrate our society’s rich and diverse culture. It is important to learn about our differences to understand other people’s values and opinions. Gaining a new perspective on the lives of people around us helps overcome ignorance and prejudice.

Last week saw the start of the Chinese New Year with celebrations lasting for fifteen days. Lorraine has made some lovely home-cooked Sweet and Sour Chicken with rice for lunch so that we can taste some Chinese cuisine! The babies and Bluebells experienced the different flavours and enjoyed touching the different textures with their fingers. Sunflowers and Pre-school tried out some chopsticks which they found very tricky!

We decorated the nursery according to Chinese traditions with lanterns, wall hangings and even a dragon head. These have all been made by the children who have experienced different textures and materials and experimented with different ways to attach them together. The Pre-school children benefitted from this activity as it provided lots of opportunity to talk about what they are doing and learn some new vocabulary relating to Chinese culture.

Over the remaining celebratory period we will continue the festivities which will include tasting more cultural delights, traditional dragon dancing and making red envelopes with a gold coin inside to bring good luck for the year ahead.

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