Babies enjoying the outdoors

babiesoutdoorsAlthough it is still cold outside the babies have been wrapping up warm and taking the opportunity to play outdoors. It is very important for the babies to get lots of fresh air as germs and virus are passed more easily indoors where it is warmer and the babies are playing closer together, not to mention the physical benefits of strengthening muscles, learning co-ordination and having the freedom to explore getting on and off and in and out of toys.

Hayden, Indy, Harry, Harry M and Chloe loved having the garden to themselves, giving them lots of space to investigate and toddle around. The two Harry’s showed interest in the rocking horses so when they were helped on they both happily rocked themselves, smiling away. Harry M also enjoyed taking a couple of steps with Becky and being very proud of himself.

Hayden was very busy feeling the texture of the sand between his fingers and then sitting himself in the bubble car, shutting and opeing the door and splashing the rainwater on the back shelf with his hands whilst chuckling. Indy tried to run, chasing the ball and he was more than happy toddling from one side of the garden to the other. Chloe cautiously explored the sand with lots of encouragement from Becky.

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