Rhythm Time comes to The Quays

rhythmtimerhythmtime2The children in our Toddler Rooms had their first Rhythm Time session on Wednesday and thoroughly enjoyed themselves (as did the staff team!)
Rhythm Time is a really enjoyable experience for children but it is much more than just a sing-along. It is a well thought out musical experience which uses lots of exciting songs and activities to help a child’s development and life skills.

It’s important that toddlers not only enjoy being part of a group but actively participate in the music making. As they join in they develop confidence and self expression through movement while a solid musical foundation is being laid.

The content of the music classes for toddlers aged from 15 months to 3 years is as follows:

  • Unaccompanied singing – to encourage children to have the confidence to find their singing voice and to help them sing in tune.
  • Listening – to aid concentration and to develop the activity so it becomes something special.
  • Percussion playing – to explore different timbre, to help with coordination and to develop a sense of pulse.
  • Dancing – to develop confidence, self-expression and large motor skills.
  • Rhythmic imitation – to develop listening skills and to echo different rhythmic patterns accurately.
  • Rhymes – to develop and extend speech through the recognition of shape, pattern and form.


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