Muddy Hands

SAM_6069 nfmuddyDuring our first Muddy Hands session the children gained valuable new experiences and all thoroughly enjoyed it. To begin with Jamie read one of our favourite books within Pre-school: The Gruffalo. The children all listened with full concentration and some children even joined in and helped Jamie to tell the story. Once the story was finished each child was given a character from the Gruffalo and had to build a house using sticks, leaves and mud.

The children all made excellent homes for their animals, some were built on the ground and some of the children decided to build in the trees. All ideas were very creative and expressed the children’s imagination and ability to manipulate a variety of materials to achieve a planned effect.

Finally the children all got a chance to make their own mud monster, using mud, water, sticks and leaves. Overall our first Muddy Hands session proved to be a fantastic experience for the children. They all showed excellent social skills with an unfamiliar face, good team work and most importantly had lots of fun!!

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