Toddlers visit to Westy Sure Start

senOn Wednesday Cheryl & Janet took Emily, Poppy, Maisy and William to the Sensory Centre at Westy Sure Start where the children really enjoyed themselves. There is a tube in the middle of the floor which is from floor to ceiling. It has lots of bubbles and fish in the tube and the children liked to watch the fish float to the top and sink back down to the bottom of the tube.

Maisy and Poppy had lots of fun playing with the big wooden spinning toys and listening to the sounds they made. The children also explored the treasure basket containing pegs, balls and glow sticks. Maisy used the glow sticks as a beater for the big drum. There is a sound wall which has buttons with pictures of different objects and the sounds that they make. William pressed the car button and said ‘Brum’ and ‘Car’. The children lay on the floor looking up at the lights in the ceiling. ‘Stars,’ William said.

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