Pre-school’s trip to Stockley Farm

sf1On the 18th July we really enjoyed our school-leavers celebratory outing to Stockley Farm.

The children’s day began with an exciting tractor ride to the nature reserve; we enjoyed singing a wide range of songs on our journey. During the nature walk it was lovely to hear the children answering questions about the world around them and hunting for insects, bird boxes and much more. I learnt more about new interests the children have, such as Daniel’s keen interest in birds.

We then explored the stables, being introduced to a pony called Faith. The children all brushed and combed faith and we talked about showing care and concern for living things.

We enjoyed a yummy lunch as we were all hungry after a busy morning. Before lunch we all ensured we had lovely clean hands, explaining to the children about the importance of hygiene when handling animals.

After lunch we visited the barns and the children were free to touch the animals, they stroked goats, fed pigs and even held guinea pigs, ferrets, and rabbits. The children showed great confidence in handling the animals and talked to each other about how the animals felt.

We then got to my favourite part of the day – feeding the goats a bottle of milk. The children laughed and giggled and were eager to have their turn. We moved on to feed the hens and chickens, the children enjoyed throwing food to them and looking to see if they could spot any eggs.

We explored the tractors and sandpit. The children practiced pedalling the tractors and got to further their knowledge of digging, filling and emptying using the cranes in the sandpit.

After all of the excitement of the day, we were all ready for home and we went back to the coach. We enjoyed a nice drink and a biscuit. Lots of our children were exhausted and enjoyed a nice five minute snooze.

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