Ted’s interest in horses

At the Quays Day Nursery we support children’s development in lots of ways including real life experiences and activities based on their interests.


We understand the importance of working with parents to ensure that their child gets the most out of their day at nursery and we value all the information that we receive to help us to plan.

Ted’s family told us that he has a particular interest in horses at the moment and he brought in a library book and some horses to role play. With this in mind to support his development in all areas of the EYFS, we organised lots of activities around horses and the farm. For example we sang lots of horse songs with instruments and moved to the music; we made a messy play farm with big and little horses to role-play with and introduced animal noises to our play. We also used our fingers to move flour on a tray to find hidden horses and make marks.

We also went for a walk to the local farm and fed the animals there. We made a book of this experience so that the children can look at photos of themselves and we can spend time talking about the trip.

horse comp

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