Chatterboxes for babies

qnf1Chatterboxes are an important part of our baby room. We have used them for quite a while now and really appreciate the benefits and opportunities that they offer to our babies and their relationships with our staff and other babies.

We ask all new families at our setting to create a box and to add their babies’ favourite toys, objects and family photos to it. Chatterboxes are important to a babies transition into our nursery as it is comforting to have familiar toys and objects around them in their new surroundings.

Not only do the chatterboxes stimulate vocalisation and new language when the babies discover their toys from home, they also encourage sharing experiences together, as the babies love sharing their favourite things with their friends.

As babies grow and develop and their preferences change and evolve, we ask parents to refresh the objects in the box therefore keeping the experience stimulating and age appropriate for the babies learning.


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