Diwali and our Toddlers

This week we introduced the topic of Diwali to our older toddlers. Learning about other cultures helps us to ensure that our children value and understand diversity, which is a key part of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Diwali is the most prominent Hindu festival and is sometimes referred to as the ‘Festival of Lights’. Making Rangolis, exchanging gifts and lighting lamps are some of the ways that Diwali is celebrated.


During the festival of Diwali, Hindu’s decorate their homes with vibrant colours that are thought to expel darkness and ensure prosperity can see its way home.


To introduce this festival to the children we took part in an activity outside using powder paint. We stood in a circle and each child threw in a different colour. Once we had done this the children all helped to mix the colours together using their hands. As the children mixed the colours together they were able to identify the changes that took place and how they had made a new colour!


Over the next few weeks we will be reading the story of Diwali and exploring more activities to develop our knowledge and understanding of this festival.


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