Cirkids Classes

Each week in Pre-school, the children take part in a Cirkids class. This is a programme of physical activities delivered by Lorna. Lorna has been delivering these classes at the Quays for 2 years now and all children thoroughly enjoy taking part.


We encourage and promote healthy lifestyles with all children in nursery. We regularly talk about the importance of a healthy diet, physical exercise and discuss ways in which we can keep healthy and safe.


Lorna delivers varied classes over the term which promotes our children building new physical skills as well as using techniques to build the children’s listening and attention and their personal, social and emotional development. Some of the activities the children enjoy include ball skills such as throwing and catching. These skills encourage development of children’s balance and hand-eye coordination. The children are always involved throughout each session and are challenged to try new skills.


Pre-school practitioners actively participate in the sessions as well and are always on hand to support the children, and offer praise and encouragement to build upon the children’s self-esteem. Regular feedback is given to parents when children have taken part in these classes and Lorna often leaves activities for the children to try during the week.


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