Fairies & Wizards at Thelwall Infant School

Our pre-school children recently received an invitation from Thelwall Infant School to visit them for a Fairy and Wizard party morning. We found this to be a wonderful opportunity to get out into the community and decided to ask our parents to join us for this lovely experience.

During the walk to school the children were extremely excited trying to guess what fun activities were going to be available. This provided a fantastic opportunity to talk about what we could spot in the environment, for example Max told me he saw a number two on a house door, showing his interest in numbers in the environment. Harry informed me that he saw a man waiting at the bus stop, illustrating some aspects of his familiar world.


Once we arrived at school it was a whirlwind of excitement for all, we dressed up as Fairies and Wizards and engaged in imaginary role play. Some children used large spoons and cauldrons to mix together materials, learning a range of new words while making up new spells. Children used their creative skills, using the scissors to cut up paper and lots of gluing and sticking.

After exploring these activities one of the friendly teachers asked us to follow the fairy dust throughout the school grounds. The children were very engaged in this using their imagination to wonder and see what we would find at the end of the fairy dust trail. On an excited arrival into the school library we discovered Merlin the Wizard who told us a story and taught us a spell to conjure up a special fairy cake treat which we all then enjoyed together.


We all left the school very happy after this fun filled experience with Isabelle telling me “I cannot wait to tell Daddy I had lots of fun at big school”.

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