Toddlers & Building


Our toddlers love to build. Whether it’s with wooden blocks or duplo, the construction area is a firm favourite!

To develop this interest we decided to plan a week of activities based around this area. During the week we played with diggers in the sand, used the crates outside to make towers and even used Weetabix cement to build with.


We took the children on a trip to Warrington Town Centre to look at the buildings and constructions we could see there. We travelled by bus and enjoyed chatting to the other passengers along the way. From the window we saw lots of different buildings. We spotted houses, shops and even Stockton Heath Police Station. When we got into Warrington Town Centre we found different types of constructions to explore; fountains, bridges and steps.

When we got back to nursery we decided to link this area of interest to the children individually. We asked each of our parents if they could provide us with a picture of their child’s house. These were used in two ways. We created a display board that showed each picture with a piece of string connecting it to a map of where we live, and also a laminated book with each picture to keep in our book corner. The children really enjoyed looking at this and sharing it with their friends.

Being part of a community is one of our nursery values and encourages all of our children to feel unique and valued as individuals.

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