Parent Partnerships

“If a community values its children it must cherish it’s parents.”

John Bowlby
Although his theory is predominantly based around attachment, Bowlby’s quote reinforces the need for positive parent partnerships for our children. Feeling settled and fostering a sense of belonging within our nursery is very important for both our parents and children. Working together means we can ensure that our children’s needs and interests are acknowledged and are supported through their continued development.


Building positive and strong relationships and partnerships with parents is one of our core nursery values and one that we always aim to achieve. From the very beginning of a child’s journey with us we seek information from parents regarding their likes, dislikes and interests, using our ‘Unique Child’ pack. Specifically designed to cater for each age/stage of development, these packs give us lots of information that helps us to ensure that our new families transition well into nursery.

Once a child has started their journey with us we have a constant dialogue with a variety of methods. Some of these are:

  • Daily verbal feedback about your child’s day
  • Tapestry – our online learning journey app
  • Newsletters
  • Website newsfeeds
  • And many more!

Our regular Stay & Play sessions are a fantastic way in which we can develop and maintain our parent partnerships. These sessions are held in each room across the nursery and at different times of the day so that we can cater for all parents and carers.


Some of our most recent stay and plays have included creative / messy play, small world play and breakfast! Planned with a different theme each time they give parents a true insight into the wonderful activities our children experience on a daily basis.


We know that mornings can be a rush and not all of our parents have the opportunity to talk at length about their child and what they’ve been up to at home.

Our practitioners truly value the opportunity that Stay & Plays offer in terms of sitting with parents and engage with them properly about what our families have been up to, as well as any ways in which we can support each other. It’s also a brilliant way of meeting other parent’s and sharing your experiences!



“Children learn and develop well in enabling environments, in which their experiences respond to their individual needs and there is a strong partnership between practitioners and parents and / or carers.”

EYFS 2014

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