Babies Chatterboxes

‘The child begins to perceive the world not only through his eyes but by his speech.’

Les Vygotsky


In the Baby Room our children have enjoyed exploring their own individual chatterboxes. A chatterbox is a tool we have implemented to support children’s Communication and Language development. Chatterboxes provide many benefits for children of all ages, from babies to our pre-school children.


Chatterboxes are simple and easy to create. Firstly decorate a shoebox using paint, pens, stickers or photographs. This can become an activity, let your child take their time to get messy, make marks and manipulate different resources.

Our chatterboxes are full of different resources, each one unique to the individual children and all representative of the children’s families and home life. Whilst looking at the pictures the babies babbled as we read out the names of the people in the pictures.

Some of the children have familiar toys in their boxes that they can share with their friends. The most popular toys in our chatterboxes were cars and trains, which the babies enjoyed pushing along the floor.


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