Small World Imaginative Play

“Whenever children say ‘let’s pretend’, a new landscape of possibilities for learning is revealed. When children pretend, they try on new feelings, roles and ideas. They stretch their minds along with their imaginations.”

Debbie Curtis and Maggie Carter


The New Year has brought new and refreshed ideas and interests from the children to enhance our learning environment. We have been focusing on our tuff trays in particular since we returned as we have seen a renewed interest in small world play since Christmas.

Tuff trays are ideal for indoor and outdoor activities and are fantastic for use with sand, water and creative materials to create unique small world environments that can stimulate children’s minds and imaginations.


We enhance these small world environments to promote investigation, questioning and explorative play by creating a variety of experiences within the tuff trays for our children to enjoy.

The children are immediately drawn to the environments and spend quality time interacting with them and each other as they explore through make believe and pretend play. The children love getting messy and exploring textures in this way and have shown a high level of engagement since adapting the ideas in the trays.

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