Celebrating Differences

‘A child’s life is like a piece of paper on which every person leaves a mark.’
Robert Heinlein

Across nursery this week we have been celebrating St David’s Day. As well as taking part in a variety of activities the children have enjoyed trying some homemade Welsh cakes. The pre-school children made their own and our cook Sam made some for the rest of the nursery. The children in pre-school thoroughly enjoyed measuring and mixing the ingredients together and using the shape cutter to cut out the cakes.

The whole nursery team has been working with Sam recently to give him an insight into child development and the kind of things that we look for. Here’s what Sam had to say about his recent involvement with St David’s Day and working with the children:

“It was great to get some feedback from one of the parents of a toddler this morning complimenting us on our efforts; we intend to celebrate all the home nations’ days in the same way with lots of different activities. I really enjoy being able to organise activities for these types of days as it allows me to get into the rooms and work with the staff and children (probably the favourite part of my job). We are trying some interactive stories which I have written themed around the days we celebrate. I have already written a few and the next will be around specific days (Gareth the dragon for St David’s Day). These stories involve food tasting, role play and dance moves and exercises for children and staff to interact with the story. It’s great to get feedback, good or bad, as it gives us a fantastic platform to move forward from and to keep improving on.”

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