Spring Blossom

As we enter the Spring season our pre-school children have been looking at changes to the environment and spotted that one of the trees surrounding our nursery garden has started to grow blossom.

Noticing the changes, the children began to discuss and ask questions about what they could see. We looked at the colours, talked about how the blossom had grown and asked questions about how it had fallen from the tree. As the children were showing lots of curiosity about the blossom tree we decided to extend this and incorporate it into our daily activities.

One activity that all the children enjoyed was painting their own blossom trees. We began by collecting some of the blossom from the ground when it had fallen so that we could look at it closely and replicate it in our pictures. The children used cotton buds to recreate the blossom onto their trees. They were able to look at the blossom which had fallen from the tree to help create a true representation of it.

While we were making our pictures we used lots of different describing words and investigated the different parts of the flowers using our senses.  Some of the children wanted to use their fingers to create marks and explore the paint. When the children had finished creating their artwork we displayed them around the room alongside pictures of the children taking part in the activity.

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