Babies & Transport

“Enabling environments mobilise the energy, attention, curiosity and focus of children.”

Howard Gardner

The focus for children in our baby room recently has been all about transport. Noticing this was an interest of our children, we thought of ways that we could enhance and develop these interests.

As well as having various examples of transport out for the children to play with, areas within the room were enhanced with more transport resources. In the book area we had printed pictures of different transport for the children to look at, as well as adding more books about transport.

The children especially enjoyed the creative activities set out for them. Using different modes of transport and different textures, the children explored the different marks that the wheels made. We verbalised sounds that the cereal made as the children pushed the trains through it, the children also used their hands to explore the different noises that the cereal made.
Following children’s interests is one of the main ways in which we plan next steps for children, which in turn encourages and extends their development.

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