Mythical Creatures

“Logic will get you from A to B, but imagination will take you everywhere.”
Albert Einstein

After observing the children during play we discovered there was a growing interest in mermaids, fairies and trolls. The children had lots of discussions with each other and showed enthusiasm in learning more about them.

To begin this topic we had a discussion about these mythical creatures with the children during morning time. We listened to their questions and then planned a variety of activities based around this theme, but also linked to their individual next steps of learning.

Using our Tuff Trays we created several different activities to develop this learning.

‘Fairy World’

Enhanced with grass, compost, stones and shells the children enjoyed using the pictures of the fairies, and their imagination, to act out stories. The children talked about what fairies like to do and what special powers they have. During this activity some children took on the role of a giant and repeated phrases from the traditional fairy tales, chanting the words ‘fee, fi, fo, fum.’

‘Mermaid Land’

Set up to resemble a beach the children were able to talk about the ocean and how mermaids live there. They talked about how mermaids don’t have legs and how they can swim easily because they have a tail like a fish.

‘Troll Hair Cutting Station’

The aim of this activity was linked to physical development. Encouraging the children to use their fine motor skills, practitioners used cooked spaghetti to resemble the trolls hair and provided knives and forks for them to cut with.

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