Settling in at The Quays

Choosing a nursery for your child is one of the most important choices you will make as a family. Smooth and effective transitions enable families to settle into nursery life with confidence, security and with that all-important element of trust.

This process begins at the very first visit. Here, Jenson’s family have kindly agreed to share their experience of settling in at the Quays Nursery.

Jenson’s mummy, Chloe, came to look at the Quays following a decision to move him from another setting. In my role as Nursery Manager, it is important to identify the individual needs and concerns of families very early on to ensure that my approach is tailored towards them and their needs, trying to build authentic relationships from the very beginning.

We discussed some of our specific policies and procedures in order to provide Chloe with the reassurance that she could confidently leave Jenson in our care. We also got to meet Jenson on that first visit and he confidently explored the room with interest almost straight away, whilst the staff played with him and encouraged him to safely explore. It was lovely when Jenson’s family then made the decision to join us at The Quays and happily since then, they have not looked back.

We constantly gather feedback from our families to keep us in touch with how everyone feels we are doing and this helps us to reflect on our practice. An effective way we have of doing this is through our “Parent Voice” feedback which is gathered a few weeks after a family has joined us.

Chloe and her husband Lee happily completed our Parent Voice feedback which asks questions such as why you chose our nursery, what aspects you are happy with, any areas for improvement, how the settling in process has gone, etc. Here is some of the feedback shared with us by the family at that early stage:


“The way Jenson & I were made to feel when unexpectedly viewing the nursery was second to none. Claire was excellent in allowing me to look round there and then which we didn’t get to do at any other nursery. The feel of the whole nursery was lovely, and all the children looked happy. We knew straight away that this was the nursery to move Jenson to.”


“We just love everything about the nursery. The online learning journey is a big hit with Lee & I as it enables us both to see what fun Jenson is having on a daily basis along with all the skills he’s developing. It definitely brightens up the working day knowing that he is having lots of fun and is happy. We cannot thank the girls in toddler 2 enough. The way in which they have all made Jenson feel at home, and welcomed him is amazing. With a transition being difficult for all concerned, the way they handled this was great.”


We asked for specific feedback about settling in:


“This has gone really well. Jenson was a little upset at first with it being a new setting and lots of new people, but the way the girls treated him enabled him to feel at ease really quickly. I found it difficult at first too, as it was such a big change, but using the online learning journey to share photos and activities has made me feel instantly at ease, to see that Jenson is happy as soon as we have left.”


“Abi is absolutely amazing. We really cannot thank her enough for the love and care she continually provides to Jenson. She’s a credit to The Quays & the Toddler 2 room. Abi instantly made a bond with Jenson & made him feel at ease, which was lovely to see. He definitely loves having cuddles with her when he’s a little sad. Abi always goes above & beyond to make sure Lee & I get to see all the observations she carries out on Jenson, and also made a conscious effort to stay late last night to ensure we had a meeting with her to see how Jenson has progressed in his first few weeks within the Nursery.”


We are so happy to receive such wonderful feedback from Chloe, Lee and Jenson and always make sure we share this with the team. The Quays has always had a reputation of being warm and welcoming and we are very proud that so many of our families see this from the very beginning of their journey with us. We will continue to keep listening to our families and improving on this very important part of nursery life.

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