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Pre-school Room

Helping children prepare for school is one of many important elements of what happens in pre-school.

Evidence from research shows that high quality pre-school provision during the foundation years (0-5 years) has a lasting impact on children’s future learning. Our pre-school at The Quays provides those “high quality” elements which come together to create a rich learning environment and one in which children can thrive.

Our open space provides children with a beautiful, bright and spacious room with free-flow access to the outdoors as well as resources, equipment and materials to stimulate and support early learning, creativity and curiosity. By focussing on the children’s own interests and ideas, whether this is puddles, dinosaurs, shadows or bear-hunts, learning is based on a flexible and responsive curriculum. Early literacy skills are well supported by practitioners having a sound understanding of the process children go through in acquiring these skills.


Being able to enjoy outdoor learning, keeping healthy, taking trips out to the local community, having links with local primary schools, and supporting them to test their ideas, theories and understanding is a key part of what we can offer your child at The Quays.

The same curriculum follows your child through to the end of their Reception year and we have strong links with our local primary schools to make the transition smooth and your child’s experience a positive one. The balance of teaching and play and a rich learning environment means children are equipped with everything they need to build all the characteristics of effective learning to help them through school.