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Toddler Room

With lots of friends to play with and activities to try as well as access to the outdoors every day, our toddlers are busy and active throughout the day.

This unique stage of children’s developments needs knowledgeable, playful and empathetic adults to help support children’s development socially and emotionally. We’re here to support parents too with sound advice to help you through toilet training, tantrums and food phases to name a few!

Language development, new found pretend play, independence, developing control over their own bodies, learning to be together, emotional highs and lows and repeated patterns of play… phew… these are just a few of the things that occupy your toddler’s day so we’ve made sure there’s plenty of time built in for rest and relaxation too.

The play experiences we plan for toddlers have children’s social relationships as a central focus to help support their growing sense of themselves and to encourage confidence and self-esteem. We make sure children have lots of opportunities to join in and help them to understand that there are rules for being together with others, always encouraging tolerance and modelling positive ways of treating others.


Nicola, our Toddler Room Supervisor, along with her team, brings years of knowledge and experience working with this age range. They understand that parents might need support or just a friendly chat about the latest development or milestone in their toddler’s life. By encouraging open and honest communication, practitioners and parents work together at nursery, enabling us to provide the very best for your toddler.